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This is now the personal website of Tony Austin.
It is no longer a business site.
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Tony Austin's software creation NotesTracker kas moved to another home.
It is still alive and well. Click the following link or button for details ...
CLICK HERE to find out more about NotesTracker ...
NotesTracker is a unique software development kit that enables you to set up
comprehensive usage activity monitoring, reporting and alerting
for your IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications.

My weblogs and other writings...
Notes Tone Unturned ~ NotesTracker news ~ Leave Good Enough Alone
Basic Questions - Searching for Desktop Search ~ iTWire

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 This is no longer a business website 
 After more than 45 years in the IT industry, I've decide to retire. 
 Do NOT contact and annoy me by proposing ANY business-related products or services 
 such as website design, SEO, offshored application development, and e-mail marketing campaigns. 
  Act professionally. If you igmore this you will get an uncomplimentary reply from me!