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Notes Tone Unturned
(formerly Asia/Pacific Computer Services, closed down at the end of 2013).
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 NotesTracker Lives On in 2014 ...

 Asia/Pacific Computer Services was closed, effective the end of calendar year 2013.
Tony Austin will be doing other things (with very limited IT consulting).
This website will be redesigned over coming months.
This does NOT mean that NotesTracker for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is going away!
 An exciting new sales/support site for NotesTracker will be announced here later in 2014.

CLICK HERE to find out more about our key product, NotesTracker ...

Most organisations don't have any real idea of how effectively their Notes/Domino applications are being used!

NotesTracker provides a NEW WAY for you to gather and examine key usage information about your Lotus Notes/Domino applications, whether the databases are accessed via a Lotus Notes Client or a Web Browser.
NotesTracker is a unique software development kit that enables you to set up
rehensive usage activity reporting for your key IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications.

Use NotesTracker to closely monitor any of your Lotus Notes applications, such as Notes Mail,
marketing, human resources and manufacturing databases, or your Domino Directory.

You can use NotesTracker to assist with compliance auditing, privacy monitoring, intrusion detection,
newsfeed data generation, document life cycle tracking, and many other things.
Monitor application activities across your Lotus Domino network, and set up alerts or newsfeeds for specific key events.

You can "slice and dice" application database usage reports, from the broadest level right down to the minutest detail.

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